Mother Truckin’ Food Munchin’

There’s something about street food that just tastes better. Maybe it’s the to-heck-with-table-ettiquetteness, or maybe the there’s-no-tidy-way-of-eating-this-just-go-for-it unspoken consensus. Or maybe it’s just the ungodly concoctions of delicious food so good it must be breaking some rule of nature simply in its existence. Or the community built in knowing that everyone is there for the table-ettiquetteless messy-eating ungodly deliciousness. Whatever it is, I’m there. I’m three for three street markets in London so far, and as Spring approaches, I have every intention of checking more markets out.


Kerb Market on Kings Cross Boulevard debuted for the season early this month, and though she be but small, she be mighty. Eight food trucks, easily captured in this panoramic. Thai, tacos, unbelievable burgers, Greek, Japanese, and hot chicken kiosks were all in the img_0676line up, and I was at peak indecision.
Given my stint of Asian food Thursdays, I reluctantly gave up the Asian cuisine options and landed on an always good choice of Greek food.The kiosk was two guys in a rustic modern truck, singing along to Imagine Dragons, serving up overflowing Souvlaki wraps. It was adorable. And luckily for indecisive diners, mixed souvlaki img_8904wraps were on the menu, so my existential crisis of chicken or halloumi (CHICKEN OR HALLOUMI?! How’s a girl to choose?) was short lived.

Luckily (or, perhaps unluckily if you were to ask my wallet or waistline), the market is running through September and offers a loyalty card– and let it be known, I am a sucker for loyalty cards. So, basically, that guarantees that this girl will be back for 9 more lunches at the market. Because hey, the 10th’s free and that’s economical, right?






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