Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Style

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. Or Fat Tuesday. Or Pancake Day. Whatever you call it, the Tuesday immediately following Ash Wednesday is a day dedicated to consuming delicious eats (traditionally, before Lent begins, but you certainly don’t have to be Catholic to participate!). Until last week, I was unaware that here in the UK “Fat Tuesday” is synonymously known as Pancake Day.


So, to celebrate the day (and make up for my years of tragic ignorance of this fact), my friend Bea invited me to a restaurant called “The Diner” which, given the raving reviews she and her boyfriend had given me, had a mega reputation to live up to. And it certainly did not disappoint.

img_6073Located on Carnaby Street
the diner’s jovial foodie vibe and queue of patrons out the door  explained why the comfort food joint had no need for a more specific name than ‘The Diner’: Simple. Classic. Cozy. Delicious.

Luckily, we arrived early enough to escape the queue (Londoners certainly do love to queue) and faced the biggest dilemma of the day. img_2057-2Which pancakes to order?

I’d heard fabulous things about the Red Velvet pancakes, but with options like Reese’s Pieces and Bacon Banana Walnut (what?!), and my perpetual state of indecision, we finally decided to not decide, and split the Red Velvet and the Reese’s Pieces.

We left the diner with clean plates and full stomachs, asking ourselves why having pancakes covered in chocolate syrup, peanut butter chips, cream cheese, and ice cream was only a once-a-year event… I think I’ll be bringing this tradition with me back to the States. Until next year, Pancake Day!





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